Solar Power Plant

 Solar Power Plant is the system used to generate electricity for locations where grid is inaccessible or the access is prohibitively expensive. These solar power Plant systems can also be used in conjunction with existing grid for uninterrupted supply of electricity. The electricity generated by the Solar array is stored in the Battery through Charge Controller. The loads are activated when required and is powered by the Battery through an Inverter. A change over switch is provided to transfer the load from Solar to grid and vice versa. In general, the back up period for the full load is 4/5 hours per day(depends on configuration of the system). Our solar power Plants are based on proven solar technology, which makes them highly efficient and completely maintenance-free.

Solar Power Plant Features

  • Reliable and cost effective.
  • Clean and silent.
  • Easy to install and requires negligible maintenance.
  • Specially designed for Indian weather conditions.
  • It works on solar and also on AC mains depending on the availability of sun light. (100% stand alone power packs are also available)
  • Dual charging facility (Solar and AC mains charging).
  • Advanced electronic design for charge controller and inverter for increased battery life.
  • Free from noise, smoke and pollution.
  • Adequate protections and indications.
  • Option for future expansion
  • Eco - Friendly System.
  • Available in different configuration as per customer Satisfaction.