Solar Street Lighting System

 Sun Fuel's has developed number of products in the field of high efficiency power LED based lighting for applications ranging from home lighting, streetlights, common area lighting to industrial indoor / outdoor lighting. These revolutionary products will make it possible to provide affordable Solar Photo Voltaic solutions for lighting applications.
Solar street lighting is a popular application of solar energy. The energy from the sun is stored in a battery, and is then utilised for lighting during night. Akson's manufactures high efficiency power LED based and MNRE approved CFL based solar street lights.

Solar Street Lighting System Features

  • High quality 'Super Bright' power LED's.
  • High efficiency electronics.
  • Automatic dusk-to-dawn timer
  • 'Hawk's ' eye' design luminaries.
  • Highly polished ABS Fresnel reflectors.
  • Extruded aluminium luminary body for better heat management.
  • High quality SMF/Tubular batteries.
  • Anti-theft battery boxes/chamber.
  • 'Easy Clean' module cleaning system.

Solar Street Lighting System Specification

S.No. Solar Street Light in watts
with 1 watt Power LED
Poly crystalline PV Panel SMF Battery Charge Controller Pole
1 9 Watt 12V/37Wp 12V/26Ah 5 Amp 4 Mtr
2 12 Watt 12V/40Wp 12V/42Ah 5 Amp 4.5 Mtr
3 18 Watt 12V/60Wp 12V/42Ah 5 Amp 5Mtr
4 24 Watt 12V/90Wp 12V/65Ah 10 Amp 6Mtr
5 48 Watt 12V/140Wp 12V/100Ah 10 Amp 8Mtr
6 54 Watt 12V/160Wp 12V/120Ah 10 Amp 8 Mtr
7 72 Watt 12V/200Wp 24V/160Ah 20 Amp 9 Mtr
8 90 Watt 12V/260Wp 24V/200Ah 20 Amp 9 Mtr