Solar UPS for Home Lighting System

 Solar UPS / Home lighting System is powered by solar energy using solar cells that convert solar power energy (sunlight) directly to electricity. The electricity is stored in. These systems are useful in non-electrified rural areas and as reliable emergency lighting system for important domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Solar Home Lighting System is appreciated for its high performance and compact structure. Incorporating the latest solar technology, our solar home lighting system harnesses the power of the Sun to provide reliable, cost effective electricity wherever it is needed. This solar home lighting system supply electricity for lighting, entertainment and information to homes. The lights illuminated by this system are DC operated lights and are supplied as part of equipment.

Solar UPS / Home Lighting System Features

  • Highly efficient lighting with output far superior to that of kerosene lamp.
  • Long life, low maintenance.
  • High efficiency charger and lamp inverter with all protections.
  • Good back up: 4-6 hours on a full charged battery with 3 ? day ?No-Sun? autonomy depending on equipment selected.
  • It works on solar and also on AC mains depending on the availability of sun light. (100% stand alone power packs are also available)
  • Dual charging facility (Solar and AC mains charging).
  • Advanced electronic design for charge controller and inverter for increased battery life.
  • Free from noise, smoke and pollution.
  • Adequate protections and indications.
  • Option for future expansion
  • Eco - Friendly System.
  • Available in different configuration as per customer Satisfaction.

Solar UPS / Home Lighting System Specification

Model SPV Module Battery Tubular Battery Back up Luminaries 12V/14W DC Fan
SFSHL-1220 12V 20Wp 12V 18 AH 6 - 7 Hrs 3w of 3No's No
SFSHL-1237 12V 37Wp 12V 40 AH 6 - 7 Hrs 3w of 4No's 1 Fan
SFSHL-1274 12V 74Wp 12V 40 AH 6 - 7 Hrs 3w of 4No's 1 Fan