Solar Water Pump

 The solar water pumping system is a stand-alone system operating on power generated using solar PV (photovoltaic) system. From irrigation of fields to remote home or village water supply, solar water pumps are well suited and proven to meet water pumping needs, using solar energy. The power generated by solar cells is used for operating a submersible pump for lifting water from bore/open well or water reservoir. We offer an assortment of high performing solar water pumping systems that are specially designed to technical perfection in order to facilitate pumping solutions in a number of applications areas.
Our range of solar water pumping is specially designed to utilize DC electricity from photovoltaic panels that enables them to work during low light conditions at reduced power supply. These low volume pumps use positive displacement (volumetric) mechanisms which seal water in cavities and force it to upward direction. Our solar water pumping differs from conventional centrifugal pumps that require to spin fast in order to work efficiently. The systems require no batteries being directly powered from the solar panels, meaning very low maintenance. The systems can also be setup to provide irrigation for agriculture from wells or rivers allowing farmers to maximise the productivity of their fields.

Solar Water Pump Features

  • Compatible with both AC and DC.
  • Dry Running Protection.
  • High efficiency
  • Higher Temperature Protection.
  • Over & Under voltage protection.
  • Highly Durable and Reliable.

Solar Water Pump Specification

Model Pump Type Motor Capacity Max. Total Dynamic Head PV Module Capacity Open Area Required
SFSW-900 Surface 1.1HP 15M 900Wp 30Sq.M
SFSW-1800 Surface 2.0HP 15M 1800Wp 60Sq.M
SFSBW-1400 Submersible 1.4HP 70M 1400Wp 40Sq.M
SFSBW-1800 Submersible 1.4HP 70M 1800Wp 60Sq.M